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AMMER (Archivio Multimediale della Memoria dell’Emigrazione Regionale) Multimedial Archive Memoirs of Regional Emigration, is a digital archive which collects photographs, documents and interviews recorded by the protagonists of emigration from Friuli Venezia Giulia. AMMER was opened with the first 100 interviews and 5.000 photographs, collected in Argentina and Uruguay. Over the course of the years the research has been gradually extended to all those countries where migratory flows from the region went. The following stages involved Canada, Australia, United States of America, Venezuela and, in Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The research continues in Brazil, South Africa, Norhern and Eastern Europe. AMMER has been designed so that people can take part in it. The emigrants, their families and their descendants are directly involved as witnesses and have supplied the documentation; at the same time they can use the information first hand, together with scholars and all interested parties.

History of Emigration from the Region
Gian Carlo Bertuzzi

Is emigration a destiny, a sentence for those born somewhere where there is only poverty? Is emigration a choice for the brave who want to ‘find their fortune’ and improve their lifestyle and the lifestyle of their families? Is it perhaps part of an economic and social system which produces it, but which it then contributes to sustaining? Can emigration be a source of well being for those who go away and those who remain? Or is it only a source of social, cultural, economic and demographic degradation for the places the emigrants leave? Or is it a mix of all these together?
Let us try and look at the case of Friuli Venezia Giulia from a historical point of view.

Friuli Venezia Giulia Emigration website, Fellow Countrymen/women throughout the World

The site collects information and data about emigration from the Region, its themes and its problems. By visiting the site you will be able to find documents on regional policies in this field (projects, initiatives, events, associations), the laws regarding emigrants and their rights (citizenship, the right to vote, education, health care and pensions), the history and the statistics on the regional migration phenomenon (stories and memoirs, a multimedia data base – ask for the publications and AIRE data), the situation in the region and its relations with its citizens who are residents abroad (WEB TV, latest news, televideo). The site is open to all requests for further information (contact the expert) and all contributions are welcome (write to the expert and send your story too).

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Tell a story about emigration
Write your story or that of a relative, a friend or someone you know. You can add photographs, other documents, multimedia files, read it in AMMER and tell others about it.

AIRE “Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all'Estero” (Register of births, marriages and deaths of Italians Abroad)
The statistical data, updated to June 2006, of the citizens of Friuli Venezia Giulia residing abroad, by Province, by ATO (Ambiti Territoriali Ottimali), by Municipality, by Continent and Country of destination.

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